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Student Award

Awarded for: 
Self-development, training, research, improving local services
Award Amount: 
Maximum £1,000
Student midwife on a UK NMC pre-registration course or a midwife returning to practice on an NMC RtP course
Next Application Round: 
1 Dec 20202 Feb 2021
Next Awards Announced: 
Oct 2020


The Iolanthe Student Awards are offered to pre-registration midwifery students seeking financial support for attendance at study days, to undertake elective visits or for projects to improve local services. From 2018, these awards have also been made available for midwives who are returning to practice to help cover the costs involved.

We are fortunate that we have been able to support students receiving this award since 1994; but the first awards specifically for student midwives were introduced in 2002. The Iolanthe Midwifery Trust has supported more than 100 students from across the UK.

About the Iolanthe Student Awards

  • Awarded annually
  • Worth up to £1000
  • For pre-registration midwifery students
  • Student Awards are also available for Return to Practice midwives

Is your project eligible?

  • Elective placements within the UK
  • Courses to gain skills or knowledge.
  • Travel and attendance at study days or conferences in the UK or abroad.
  • Small research project or to ideas to improve local maternity services.
  • Elective placements overseas, if particular conditions apply (see guidance)
  • Return to Practice midwives can also apply for a Student Award. To be eligible, they need to have been accepted on an NMC approved RtP course and who have the support of an NHS Trust or Board for practice hours.

Applications are made online. Please read the Application Guidance (link above or see our general video guidance) and our Privacy Policy carefully before applying.

2019 winners

Alexandra Cass, a student midwife from Birmingham City University, who went on a midwifery elective placement in rural Wales.

Amanda Green, from the University of Plymouth, for a midwifery elective placement in Sri Lanka.

Felicity Cremin, a student midwife from City, University of London, undertaking a social enterprise Elective Aid placement in Bangladesh.

Kate Greenstock, Kingston University London, will use her award to fund a midwifery elective placement working with a charity in Northern Haiti.

Natalie Dibsdale, studying at Cardiff University, for a midwifery elective placement in Namibia with the Wales for Africa programme.

Rebecca El Boukili, the University of Chester, creating multilingual leaflets on when to seek help in pregnancy.

Sarah Walker, a student midwife from the University of Southampton, doing a midwifery elective placement in Uganda arranged through a UK charity.