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Mary Cronk Award

Awarded for: 
Projects aligning with the passion and interests of midwife Mary Cronk
Award Amount: 
Maximum £500
Award winner in another category, chosen at the discretion of the Trustees
Next Awards Announced: 
May 2024

The Mary Cronk Award is given at the discretion of the trustees to an applicant for another award who is seeking funding for a purpose which aligns with the passions and values of inspirational midwife, Mary Cronk.

The Mary Cronk Award is a personal award of £500 which was initially created by donations made to Iolanthe Midwifery Trust in memory of Mary Cronk who sadly died in December 2018. It is made with the permission of Mary's family. It is not possible to apply directly for the Mary Cronk Award.

For more information on Mary Cronk please see Mary Cronk, 1932-2018

Previous winners


Mira Waligora, Vice President of the University of the West of Scotland's Student Midwife Society, whose Iolanthe application will enable her to offer a "How to Work With Interpreters" study day to all her fellow midwifery students.


Magdalena Bremnerwhose Iolanthe Application will fund a Breech Birth Study Day for her colleagues at the University of the West of Scotland.


Rebecca Gates, whose Iolanthe application will support the Bangor University Student Midwife Society to host a "Biomechanics for Birth" course for student midwives.


Rhian Ward will be organising a 'Biomechanics for Birth' course for student midwives at the University of Plymouth.


Evony Lynch, a midwife based at Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, who is using her award to arrange local training on optimising birth through midwifery skills.


Sharyn Lock, a midwife from Yorkshire Storks Independent Midwifery Collective/Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, who is undertaking vaginal breech birth training including observation of births.