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Mireia Manzano

Award Received: 
Student Award
Attending a perineal suturing and care workshop
Year awarded: 

I used my Iolanthe funding to complete a suturing course with the RCM- accredited company PeriHealth.

The course took place on the 31th of October 2021 in Heathrow, and it included a whole day workshop about the anatomy of the pelvic floor, perineal tears after childbirth, and the most common suturing techniques to repair them. 

It had already caught my attention how complex and at the same time how interesting perineal suturing can be. It involves not only a deep and precise knowledge of the anatomical landmarks of the perineum and the vagina, but dexterity and clinical experience to be able to perform adequate repairs that will enhance the woman’s recovery in the postpartum period. I did not feel the training received at university would be enough, so I decided that it would be wise to find other ways to enhance my learning and boost my confidence in this area. 

The workshop was utterly fascinating.

Adelaide, the instructor and founder of PeriHealth, immediately proved her expertise and passion for the topic. She managed to make the day incredibly interesting and motivate all the attendants to keep practising our skills outside our working areas. She gave us a theoretical session in the morning, followed by a practical class in the afternoon with help from other assistants. She insisted on the importance to always provide safety and respect women’s dignity and privacy, and she made us aware of the devastating effects a poor repair or a missed tear can have on a woman’s physical and mental health. 

I would probably not have thought about this workshop without the help from Iolanthe Midwifery Trust. Knowing that they were willing to support me financially was the help I needed to take the decision to register on the course. It immediately made me feel they cared about my professional development, and they took me seriously on my request to become a better practitioner.

As students, sometimes it is easy to feel lost in this hard training journey to become midwives. There are lots of skills to learn and the immense responsibility that comes with them can often seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is very much appreciated when an institution shows interest in helping the future midwifery workforce, so they are not on their own.

I can tell that Iolanthe wants to aid us in becoming the best midwives we can be. I can only say an immense thank you for all your support!