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Moira Dennison

Photo of  Moira Dennison

Our new director, Moira Dennison, has landed. We asked her...

What do you feel you are bringing to Iolanthe? 

Throughout my professional career, I’ve always looked for roles that enable me to do two things: firstly, to make a difference; secondly, to learn something new. And of course you’ve got to have a skills match as well. I have a background of 30-something years in the charity sector – having worked with small charities, local ones, regional ones – but also at national and at government level. So I’ve a thorough understanding of how the sector works.

That’s mostly been in health and social care, too, but I’m not a midwife! My skills lie in infrastructure, good governance, meeting legislative requirements, making sure all the nuts and bolts are in place and the charity is robust. So I’ll be aware of when I need to consult and delegate to those with the relevant knowledge and expertise, but at the same time I can bring a fresh view to an organisation, and I can bring change as needed.

And what would you like to you tell us about yourself?

I’ve been a lifelong activist, mainly in social justice and climate justice. They say you get more conservative as you get older; if anything I am getting more radical. I’ve learned just how long it takes to achieve anything, and I’m increasingly aware of how little time I – and we – have left. 

When I’m not trying to sort out urgent issues, I’m reading, or immersing myself in the world of music, which has also been a lifelong love of mine; I went to my first gig at age 15 and my most recent one last week. For 16 years now I have been doing the door at a pop up club in Hereford, greeting audiences and stamping hands, listening to folk, reggae, beats, whatever is on offer. I’m also involved in the Community allotments up the road, which we’re entering into the Royal Horticultural Society/One Show competition. 

I moved to coastal Suffolk two years ago to be with my family and I am still finding my way around.  I help out a lot with my 2 grandsons aged 10 and 6 - I do a couple of after school runs a week, go to school plays, sports days and totally love being a Granma. Working from home for Iolanthe is perfect, and I’m looking forward to all we can achieve together.