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Our 2018 London Marathon Runners

Thanks to Helen, Yvonne, Louise, Natalie, Suzanne, Paul and Claire who have pledged to raise money for Iolanthe and run the 26 mile route on 22 April 2018.

Meet our runners...

Helen Aitchison

Photo of Helen Aitchison

"Hi, my name is Helen and I have been an NHS midwife for 18 years. Six years ago I completed my Masters in Medical Ultrasound and now work for an NHS Trust detecting Fetal abnormalities. I honestly don’t know what first made me want to run the London Marathon but I remember watching first marathon and thinking..... one day!

My running has been limited as despite always doing a lot of sport, running hasn’t featured. My more usual activities are Trapeze and Climbing, Squash and Skiing. So I downloaded the Virgin running programme and last week I ran a marathon - ok, it took the combination of four different runs, but I got there!"

Visit Helen's fundraising page

Yvonne Taylor

Yvonne Taylor and trainer
Yvonne (working hard!) with her trainer Abi

"Hi, I’m Yvonne and I am so pleased that, after many failed attempts, I finally ‘got lucky’ and won a place in this year’s London Marathon - courtesy of the wonderful Iolanthe Trust! I am a fit 56 year old whose passion is netball - I still play competitively and umpire around three times a week - but I have had to ‘up the ante’ to prepare for the Marathon and so I train with Abi (my PT in the photo!) three times a week at the gym - and follow a programme she has prepared for me, for the remaining two days ...... if you’re doing the maths - this leaves two rest days!!!!! I see this as a great opportunity to fulfil a life-long ambition whilst supporting a very worthwhile cause .......... I must admit to feeling quite anxious about the prospect - but hard work and a positive attitude will, I hope, enable me to cross the finish line in under 8 hours and receive my much coveted Marathon Medal!!!!!"

Yvonne is running with her friend Louise. Visit their fundraising page

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