Iolanthe Student Award

Students have been receiving awards from the Trust since 1994, but the first awards specifically for student midwives were introduced in 2002. These awards are offered to pre-registration midwifery students seeking support for attendance at study days or to undertake elective visits. The Iolanthe Midwifery Trust has supported more than 100 students from across the UK.

About Iolanthe Student Awards

  • Awarded annually

  • Worth up to £1000

  • For pre-registration midwifery students


How to apply

You can download the guidance here: Guidance

All applications must be completed by using our registration process found here: Register for Awards. You will be sent a login link and then you will have the option to apply for one or more awards.

Applications for 2017 are now closed. Applications for 2018 will open in November 2017 and will be awarded in April 2018.

Please contact us on if you have any questions about applying for the award.


Activities the award have funded

Although the majority of student awards have been for elective placements, often overseas, a number of students have sought funding for other activities. Two students chose to undertake a course in therapeutic massage and one a course in infant massage, while one student attended the International Confederation of Midwives’ Congress to present a paper on normal birth. In 2010 Julie Carr used her award to undertake a Diploma in Integrated Therapies for Childbirth.

The Trust has supported many student placements. Elective placements have been very varied from Australia and New Zealand, to Brazil, India, Nepal,  Peru, Phillipines, Tamil Nadu, and Tonga. Many students choose to visit Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda South Africa, Uganda, Zambia), Europe (Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, UK) and North America (Canada, USA: New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee). Feedback indicates that the placements have been extremely useful in enhancing the student experience and developing an awareness of issues in international maternity care.


Previous winners




  • Claire Welford, Elective placement volunteering in a Refugee Women's Centre in Dunkirk
  • Eleanor Cramer, Training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with a view to teaching Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting as a specialist mental health midwife
  • Elena Uderzo, Funding places for ten student midwives and ten midwives to attend the Fertility Festival 2018, bringing an awareness about fertility and infertility through theatre, art, literature and poetry
  • Kate Mackay, Costs of attending a Midwifery Today conference in Finland
  • Linda Owusu, Elective placement in a hospital in Ghana
  • Lydia Hook, Elective placement in a birthing centre in New Zealand
  • Ruby Scott, Elective placement at an independent midwifery practice in California
  • Sarah Scarlett, Funding a British Sign Language Level 2 course to improve maternity services for deaf women
  • Savannah Dallas, Elective placement in a Women's Centre in Florida, looking after vulnerable women and those without health insurance
  • Sophie Hall, Elective placement with a midwife in Mexico
  • Victoria Young Student, Elective placement in a refugee camp in Greece to support pregnant women, mothers and babies


  • Tamsin Robertson, studying at King's College London, who will pursue a Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Body Massage at the London School of Massage, focusing on appropriate touch for women who are survivors of trauma. Tamsin also receives the trustees’ Dame Rosalind Paget award

  • Petra Veteskova, at Edinburgh Napier University, travelling to Christchurch, New Zealand for a four-week placement working with an independent midwife to appreciate the benefits of continuity of carer

  • Sian Mulholland, from Queens University Belfast, who has planned a placement in Ontario, Canada, with Countryside Midwifery Services, seeking insights into ethical and societal issues involved with global health.

  • Flora Cheetham, former opera singer and now student at Swansea University, who opted for a placement in Nepal to help her enhance cultural care for the Nepalese community in Brecon

  • Joanna Kidd, Birmingham City University, is going for a three-week placement in Kandy, Sri Lanka, to gain insight into why Sri Lanka has a significantly lower maternal mortality rate than other developing countries with limited-resources.

  • Emily Maclean, King's College London, doing a two-week placement at the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala, Uganda, focusing on preconception and antenatal care for women with conditions including tuberculosis and human immuno-deficiency virus.


  • Jenny Mison, studying at Sheffield Hallam University, is to go on a KG Hypnobirthing course

  • Sophie Dann, from Coventry University, is planning a 3-week placement in Arusha, Tanzania

  • Holly Parker, student at City University London, will have a 2-week experience with a midwives’ practice called 'Een goed begin' in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

  • Rosie Hotchin, Sheffield Hallam University, has chosen the ‘Wise Hippo’ Hypnobirthing Instructor Training Course, to be held in Sheffield

  • Claire Litchfield, from Oxford Brookes University, has arranged a placement in Tengeru, Tanzania

  • Holly Smith, Southampton University, will be learning with other student midwives at the Boromarjonani College of Nursing, in Udonthani, Thailand

  • Indie McDowell, Staffordshire University, is spending time in Cambodia - in a hospital, a community outreach post and in the offices of the Cambodian Midwifery Council.


  • Judith Elwood and Alison Rodgers, from Queens University Belfast, who travel to Montrose in Scotland and Ekwendeni in Malawi, respectively

  • Georgina Evans of Cardiff University, and Hannah Smith, student at the University of South Wales, who have placements in Tanzania and Uganda

  • Margaret Reid from Edinburgh Napier University has a four-week stay with midwives in Alberta, Canada

  • Amanda Gill and Emma Barton, of Bournemouth University, go together to Nanyuki and Lewa in Kenya

  • Three students from Kings College London who choose diverse projects: Emily Maclean to study qualitative research methods, Helen Quinn to go to Kenya and Julia Clark to experience ‘high risk home birth’ in Sheffield

  • Anne O’Loghlen and Olivia Armshaw from the University of the West of England – Anne has a placement in Porthcawl, Wales, and Olivia by contrast in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Faye Callaghan, City University, goes to a placement in Somaliland

  • Emma Pennington, University of Salford, experiences a remote part of the UK in the Scilly Isles

  • Maureen Wahedi, University of Cumbria, visits a midwife-led unit in Idstein, Germany


  • Grace Stanford, from City University, to work in Shyira Maternity Hospital in Rwanda. Grace also receives the Ann Stewart Award for commitment to practice

  • Lisa Hemming, Birmingham City University, with a placement in the Kimtab Clinic in Uganda

  • Cecilia Leslie, studying at Edinburgh Napier University, to travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil, learning both at the university and in a major teaching hospital

  • Janice Cull, Oxford Brookes University, to spend time with the ‘Pomegranate Community Midwives’ in Vancouver, Canada

  • Joy Caldwell, at Glasgow Caledonian University, to carry out a Masters research module around antenatal care of obese women

  • Laura Davis, Oxford Brookes University, to travel to British Columbia in Canada, with part of her placement in a reproductive mental health clinic

  • Victoria Deaville, Keele University, for a placement in the General Teaching Hospital in Kandy, Sri Lanka

  • Clare O’Brien, Coventry University, for a placement in Kenya in a district hospital and a medical centre caring for childbearing women

  • Claire Omand, from the University of the West of Scotland, to attend the RCM annual and students’ conference 2013, in Telford

  • Sophie Irvine Robertson, Stirling University, to travel to Kathmandu and spend time with the Midwifery Society of Nepal

  • Sean Hill, Bournemouth University, for a 12-week stay in the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, with a variety of hands-on and learning experiences

  • Alexandra Filby, Kings College London, went to the World Health Organization head office in Geneva, Switzerland, working on intrapartum care guidelines for countries with minimal resources


  • Claire Nutt, a student midwife from the University of the West of England. Claire used her award to fund an elective placement in Hawaii: read Claire's report (PDF format)

  • Caroline Corcoran, studying at Staffordshire University, who travelled to Ghana for her maternity placement to contrast two maternity services.

  • Frances Rivers, Kingston University & St George’s

  • Tessa Henderson and Alice Gautreau, both from Edinburgh Napier University who traveled to Ethipia to spend time at the Gimbie Adventist Hospital.

  • Chantelle Brown, at the University of Salford who spent two weeks in Ontario Canada with Sage-Femmes Renaissance midwifery practice

  • Deborah Smith, University of the West of Scotland, who attended the MAMA conference in Troon

  • Alison Hulme, University of Manchester, who experienced a placement in Gisborne, New Zealand


  • Antigone Claustres, University of Surrey, to enable her to travel to Ghana and experience placements in two contrasting areas. She "was reminded how strong women are and how brilliant the human body is, and got to make great friends and amazing memories along the way." Tiggy captured her experience on film and this earned her a runner up place in the Big Picture 2012. Antigone's Report

  • Rebecca Rogers, Oxford Brookes University, to undertake a four-week placement in Nanyuki Cottage Hosital, Kenya. Rebecca got "caught in the “Wait-a-bit” tree" and "left Kenya with a great respect and love for a people rich in culture, tradition, faiths and generosity who, despite these things daily face the harsh realities of the fight to stay afloat." Read Rebecca's Report

  • Carleen Jones, Bournemouth University, to visit Vaiola Hospital in Tonga, to learn about care for obese women in pregnancy. She described her visit to the Tongan island of Tongatapu as "a truly amazing and rewarding experience which has provided me with memories that will last a lifetime." Read Carleen's report

  • Catrin Mattison, Liverpool John Moores University, to fund a placement in Takoradi, Ghana

  • Nathalie Barnetche, Kings College London, for a month’s placement at a natural birthing and traditional medicine clinic in Peru

  • Michelle Beacock, student at Edge Hill University, for a placement at the Sacred Waters Birth Centre in Eugene, Oregon, USA.  Read about Michelle


  • Alison Norris, University of Leeds, for a three-week work placement in a rural community health centre in Bhotechaur village, Nepal

  • Laura Bridle, University of Surrey, who went to Nepal, visiting and assisting at a birthing centre in Kathmandu for four weeks

  • Louise Randall, Oxford Brookes University, for a one-month internship at the Mercy Maternity Centre and its outreach clinics in Davao, the Philippines

  • Dawn Barrowclough, University of Huddersfield, who spent time at the St John of God Hospital in Perth, Australia, exploring normality of care for women with complex needs

  • Julie Carr, University of Greenwich, to undertake a Diploma in Integrated Therapies for Childbirth, including studies in nutrition, homeopathy and reflexology

  • Carrie Shutt, University of Hertfordshire, who spent six weeks at the Kisiizi Hospital, in rural south-west Uganda, working in the hospital, community and midwifery school


  • Anna Kent, student at the University of Nottingham, who visited Ethiopia, observing work at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital and a rural hospital near Jimma

  • Debbie Anderson, studying at the Liverpool John Moores University, for a placement at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi

  • Rhona Shrestha, at the Glasgow Caledonian University, who travelled to Nepal to make a film to ‘share women’s stories and ensure their voices are heard’

  • Katy MacIntosh, University of Northampton, who undertook a placement in the UK with a specialist midwife in substance misuse and vulnerable women. Katy also received the Ann Stewart award


  • Lauren Chandler, of King’s College London, to attend the International Confederation of Midwives Congress, Glasgow, to present her poster on ‘normal birth’

  • Victoria Clarke, studying at Anglia Ruskin University, to visit Iganga, Uganda, for a work placement at the Suubi Clinic

  • Christine Dunn and Angela Nixon, both of Kingston University, to undertake placements at the SUNY Medical Center, New York, USA

  • Wendy Hicks and Catherine Ricklesford, both at Bournemouth University, for a three-month study and work experience based at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Adele Phillips, of King’s College London, to spend a month in Tamil Nadu, South India, experiencing hospital and community midwifery Read Adele's report


  • Amira Gamal Abuseif, Napier University, to study at Torbay Maternity Unit, South Devon

  • Lisa Common, University of Nottingham, placement in Lusaka, Zambia, to work with an HIV/AIDS charity called SAPEP (Simalelo AIDS Peer Education Project)

  • Anne Green, Liverpool John Moores University, study trip to Coimbatore, South India, with visits to maternity departments in both a private and a government hospital. Anne also received the Ann Stewart Award

  • Eleanor Hamlin, University of Glamorgan, study trip to Rhode Island, USA, to observe midwifery practice in a clinic and at the Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center

  • Lynn Jones, University of Glamorgan, study trip to Hwassa and Dilla in Ethiopia, via the Ethiopia-Gwent Link, to observe practice at three health centres

  • Julianne Nelson, Bournemouth University, Infant Massage Teacher Training course

  • Zoe Rawlence, Plymouth University, student placement at Cantabria University and Hospital Valdelcilla, Santander, Spain

  • Tessa Snelgar, King’s College London, placement in Pumwani Hospital and school of midwifery, Nairobi, Kenya, and observation of community services


  • Louise Bardon, studying at University of Central Lancashire, for an elective visit to Nelson, New Zealand

  • Susan Pollard, University of Hertfordshire, for an elective visit to The Farm, Tennessee

  • Helen Boulton, Oxford Brookes University, to undertake a Therapeutic Massage Course

  • Claire Dack, University of Manchester, elective placement in New Zealand

  • Katherine Palles, Oxford Brookes University, Therapeutic Massage Course

  • Louise Wolsey, University of Manchester, Elective Placement with the Albany Practice, London

  • Claire Baty, Bournemouth University, Elective Placement in Essex


  • Jill Anstee from the University of Manchester, for an elective to Winnipeg, Canada. She wrote: "My two weeks in Canada have opened my eyes to a whole new kind of midwifery. It was a pleasure to work with people who are so dedicated to providing woman-centred care and have such a passion for their profession. I felt truly welcomed and valued by everyone at the Women’s Health Clinic and I shall be eternally grateful to them for facilitating such a positive learning experience."

  • Suzanne Finlayson from Napier University, Edinburgh, for an elective in Toronto. She wrote: "The Iolanthe Student Bursary enabled me to have the best placement of my student career thus far! It made it possible for me to get to Toronto and experience my first home births with supportive, wise and greatly experienced midwives.  This has rekindled my passion for midwifery and strengthened my conviction to do everything I can to keep birth normal during my midwifery career."

  • Claire Kennard from Bournemouth University, for an elective to Addis Ababa

  • Suzie McFadzen from Napier University, Edinburgh, for an elective with Caledonia Youth Project, Edinburgh

  • Carrie McIntosh from Napier University, Edinburgh, for an elective in New Zealand

  • Denise Moncur from the University of Dundee, for an elective to the Albany Practice, London. She wrote: "I  would like The Iolanthe Trust for helping me to fund this placement by awarding me a student bursary. There is no doubt in my mind that my elective placement at The Albany Practice was a vital piece in my educational jigsaw."


  • Christine Kalimurti, at University of Wales for an elective placement to Hvidore, Denmark. Christine also received the Dame Rosalind Paget award

  • Sarah New at Bournemouth University for a placement to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm

  • Elizabeth Nocton at University of Leeds for a visit to The Farm, Tennessee

  • Gabrielle Holmes at University of Leeds for a visit to The Farm, Tennessee - she decided to share the award with two other students, Lisa Bragg and Ann Lilley

  • Elizabeth Woolfenden and Louise Wilkinson at Bournemouth University also visited The Farm, Tennessee.


  • Anna Byrom at University of Central England, to visit the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, India

  • Patricia Cumming at King's College London, to visit the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

  • Joanne Watts, for a visit to the The Farm, Tennessee

  • Natalie Mottershead at Manchester University, for a visit to the Birth Centre, Tooting, south London

  • Barbara Wickert at Bournemouth University, for a placement at St James' Hospital, Leeds

  • Elizabeth Wright at Napier University, Edinburgh, for a placement at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

  • Lynn Manning at Suffolk College, who visited The Farm in Tennessee

  • Hayley Wright, at University of Manchester, for a placement in Tamil Nadu, India.


  • Angela Kerrigan at the University of Central Lancashire for a placement at the Edgeware Birth Centre.

  • Sally Montes at Bournemouth University for a placement in Perth, Australia.

  • Charlotte Taitt at Bournemouth University for a placement in New Zealand.